Community Groups

Our Community Groups take place all over campus, and for students from every class and background. These small group Bible studies are the true “heartbeat” of our ministry. We hope that you will find a home with some people who are also trying to figure out what it looks like to walk with God in college, to explore the Bible, and to live life to the fullest.
First Year Guys – Monday
Ben, Colin, Jeremy
First Year Guys – Tuesday
Jovan, Brendan, Hayes
Hinton James & Horton Girls
Julia, Shelby, Hannah
North Campus Girls
Maddie, Emily
Ehringhaus and Koury Girls 
Amber, Katelynn
Craige, Craige North & Hardin Girls
Mattie, Grace
Granville Girls
Emma, Caley
Granville Guys
Calvin, Drew
Sophomore Girls – Tuesdays @ 7:30
Ashlyn, Heather, and Lindsay
Sophomore Girls – Mondays @ 7
Allison, Gabby
Sophomore Girls – Wednesdays @ 7
Ashley, Abby
Sophomore Girls – Wednesdays @ 8
Maggie, Lindsay
Sophomore Girls – Wednesdays @ 8
McKenzie, Amanda, Sarah
Sophomore Guys
Christian, Dawson, Lucas
Sophomore Guys
Sam, Matthew, Je’len
Upperclassmen Girls – Sundays @ 7:30
Lindsay W.
Upperclassmen Co-Ed – Sundays @ 6
Kelly and Mark