Community Groups


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Our Community Groups take place all over campus, and for students from every class and background. These small group Bible studies are the true “heartbeat” of our ministry. We hope that you will find a home with some people who are also trying to figure out what it looks like to walk with God in college, to explore the Bible, and to live life to the fullest.
Eringhaus Freshmen Gals
Payton, Abby and Booty
Koury Freshmen Gals
Sydney, Sarah and Hillary
Granville Freshmen Gals
Jenna, Selena and Haley
HJ Freshmen Gals
Erin, Meghan and Caroline
HJ Freshmen Gals 
Elizabeth, Emily and Lexie
Craige Freshmen Gals
Jaycee, Julia and Tiffany
Craige N and Hardin Freshmen Gals
Ally, Erin and Hannah
Horton Freshmen Gals 
Rachel, Sarah and Samantha
North Campus Freshmen Gals 
Hannah, Kelli and Anna
Craige and Hardin Freshmen Guys
Josh and Brandon
HJ and Horton Freshmen Guys
Stephen and Peyton
Granville Freshmen Guys 
Will and Sagar
Ehaus and Koury Freshmen Guys
Connor and Justin
Sophomore Gals 
Abby, Emi and Elizabeth
Sophomore Gals
Jordyn, Bekah and Anja
Sophomore Gals 
Nathania, Sydney and Bekah
Sophomore Gals
Emma, Juliet and Meredith
Sophomore Gals
Payton, Polina and Sarah
Junior Gals
Junior Gals/Nursing School B-Study
Junior and Senior Gals
Junior and Senior Guys