Meet the Cru at UNC Staff Team! 


Riley Davis

Riley is an alumni of UNC, class of 2015. He co-leads the movement alongside Kelly, and he loves his role of working with the staff team and students. In his free time, he likes to go for walks with his wife Natalie and their dog Scooby, write, and play and watch sports (specifically football and basketball). He loves all things UNC and is excited to meet you! 

Kelly Haywood

Kelly is the co-leader of Cru with Riley. She and her husband, Mark, love all things UNC and are proud patrons of their local Chick-Fil-A. They met through Cru at UNC and fun fact, their first date was at a Papa John’s in East Asia. Kelly and Mark have 2 kids, Lucy and Booker.

Erin Smith

Erin went to Carolina and has been on staff at UNC for 20 years. She is married to Josh and has two kids- Harrison (11) and Allie (6). She enjoys eating Armadillo Grill, watching Carolina sports and spending time at the beach. Erin’s heart was captured by Jesus during her undergrad years and believes these four years are highly influential in a person’s life.

Kaitlyn Hove

The only NC State Alum we could ever love – Kaitlyn graduated in 2017 with a degree in communication, and joined staff shortly thereafter. She is newly married to Mark, a fellow State grad, and they live in Durham! Kaitlyn works for both Greek Life and Cru, and would love to eat chocolate with you while you tell her what it is like to be a student at UNC.

Emily and Zach Griffin

Zach and Emily Griffin have been on staff with Cru since they graduated from UNC in 2010. Much of that time has been spent overseas in East Asia, but they are enjoying being back in Chapel Hill for now! Zach is a mountain-loving runner and drummer. Emily loves to read and cook food from all over the world. They have one son Isaiah, born in February 2021.

Bekah Pounds

Bekah graduated from UNC in 2020 with a degree in psychology. Nine times out of ten you’ll find her with a good book in her hand or trying to figure out what recipe she’s going to try next. She loves getting to know people and is a sucker for a long conversation over coffee (don’t let the invitation fool you though, she’s probably drinking tea). 

JT Ford

JT Ford is on Staff with Cru at UNC. JT originally is from Texas, and first served with Cru as an international intern in Peru and Puerto Rico but now works full time in Chapel Hill. JT is recently married to Erin Naziri. JT and Erin’s favorite activities are staying active, going to the beach and hanging out with friends.

Liz and Brandon Fisher

Brandon and Liz are recent newly weds and graduates of UNC. They have a heart for engaging and loving on Carolina students as they navigate college. They enjoy watching anime together, frequenting the local Arby’s, and listening to good music.


Haley James

Haley James is a recent graduate of UNC with a degree in Religion and English. Peter Eugene is her beloved pup and good luck getting out of a conversation without hearing him mentioned. Her favorite thing is to spend quality time with friends and family, where they usually get too competitive with playing board games. She goes to Starbucks several times a week and is trying to cut down, but has some great tips on saving money there if you ask.

Blake Hartley

Blake serves as a part-time field staff member with Cru and graduated from Carolina in May of 2022. His passions include music, trying new food, and traveling. Blake is especially passionate about Cru’s national and international trips and loves helping students get involved. 

Sarah Crawford