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The following resources are organized using our four-part vision statement:

1. Seeing God Rightly
2. Seeing Yourself Rightly
3. Seeing Others Rightly
4. Living Rightly

You will find corresponding discipleship and personal study materials that we recommend under each heading. At the end you will also find various issues which impact our daily lives given our current cultural realities.

Discipleship Tools:

Discipleship Planning: A document for use in planning regular discipleship times.
Discipleship Planning by yearA paper version of the Discipleship Planning resource that describes each section in detail.
Discipleship Training A short look at the skills of discipleship.

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Seeing God Rightly

See God Rightly (Study by Miles O’Neill)

Why We Must Think Rightly About God (Article by A.W. Tozer)

Holiness of Christ (Article by Jerry Bridges)

Submitting to Authority (Noteworthy Article)


Recommended Reading:

Knowledge of the Holy (Book by AW Tozer)

Seeing and Savoring Jesus (Book by John Piper)

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Seeing Yourself Rightly

See Yourself Rightly (Study by Miles O’Neill)

Personal Evaluation (Worksheet)

Personal Growth Plan (Worksheet)

Personal Passions (Worksheet)

Idols of the Heart (Article by Tim Keller)

Fruit of the Heart (Bible Study and Worksheet)

Growth Model (Article)

The Expulsive Power of a New Affection (Article by Thomas Chalmers)

Discerning Spiritual Gifts (Article by Tim Keller)

Music of the Gospel (Article on Gospel formation)

All of Life is Repentance (Article by Tim Keller)

Gospel: Key to Change (Article by Tim Keller)


Recommended Reading:

Abba’s Child (Book by Brennan Manning)

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (Book by Paul David Tripp)

Lies Women Believe (Book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Search for Significance (Book by Robert S. McGee)

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Seeing Others Rightly

Christians: More like Jesus or Pharisees (Article)

Lost Apart from Christ (Article)







Living Rightly

Life and Discipline

Holy Spirit

Life Through the Spirit Article Life Through the Spirit Lesson

Thirsty (Devotional Book on the Spirit-Filled Life)

Prayer The Importance of Prayer The Power of Prayer Conquering Prayerlessness (Article)

Prayer and Fasting (Article)

Prayer and the Word of God (Article by E.M. Bounds)
Prayer Study (John 17 Study by Miles O’Neill)   Spending Time with God
Quiet Time Ideas (Article)
Half-day with the Lord Suggestions (Article) Inductive Bible Study Method (A Simple Version) Inductive Bible Study Method (A More Advanced Version)

Life and Ministry Skills

Communicating Your Faith

Napkin Theology (Gospel Presentation)

Sharing Your Story in a Broken World (Writing your Story) Soularium Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs (Article on engaging with cultural issues by Tim Keller) Eternal Perspective (Article) Top Ten Questions Students Ask (Article by Miles O’Neill and JD Greear) Gospel for the Ashamed (Article)   Leading Others Guiding a Group Discussion (Article) Asking Good Questions (Article) Spiritual Leadership (Article)  

Life and Work

Hope for Your Work (Article by Tim Keller) Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Your Money (Article by Tim Keller)  

Life and Your Calling

Arrow Diagram (A Tool to Set Future Goals)

The Art of Discerning (Article on Discerning God’s Will)  

Life and Culture

War of the Worlds (Article on understanding world views)  

Life and Theology

Church-Parachurch Relationship (Article by Miles O’Neill) Heaven and Hell (Article) Reasons For God (Article) Doctrine of Baptism (Article by John Stott) The Gospel According to Bart Ehrman (Article by Dan Wallace)