Who We Are: Encounter and Respond

Cru is here to help you navigate college life and see what God has to say to you while you’re a student at UNC. There are a lot of different messages out there about who God is. It is a confusing time when it comes to Christianity. We don’t have all the answers; in fact we will probably get some of them wrong. But our community is on a journey to discover what God truly has to say to us. No matter where you are in your spiritual life – a passionate Christian or a skeptic with lots of doubts or questions – we invite you to investigate what God might really have to say. We simply want to truly get to know this God, encounter Him, grow closer to Him, and respond by embracing His call to be used by Him in this world. If this is something you want too, I hope you’ll check us out.  – Andrew White, Cru at UNC Director

Greek Life, Impact, Destino, Athletes in Action, Valor

Cru exists on almost every major college campus in the United States and on many campuses throughout the rest of the world. Our organization on this campus is called Cru at UNC. Based on the diverse backgrounds of the students represented at UNC, Cru has several different ministries that fall under our umbrella. Greek Life is designed for students in the Greek system, who desire to see God moves in their fraternities and sororities. Impact seeks to serve those interested in encountering God specifically through the lense of the African-American experience. Destino likewise for the Latino context, Valor for ROTC/military, and Athletes in Action for our student athletes. We believe that each person’s experience in college is unique based on what they’re involved in, and where their community lies. Our hope and prayer is to be a ministry that serves each individual based on their context. We hope you’ll find a place here with us.